Yohann Warren, Kazden & Miami Boys feat. Brunetti – By Your Side

Yohann Warren, Kazden & Miami Boys feat. Brunetti - By Your Side

72%Overall Score

• Lovely work on the lead’s distortions
• Lesser innovation overall
• Emotional and passionate vocal, emphasized in break and buildup

Yohann Warren has piqued my interest, especially after a commendable debut on Crash & Smile a few months back with “Edge of Tonight“. Teaming up with the vocalist Brunetti again, his latest release drew my admiration for its dynamic take on the classic Future Rave formula.

Now, the French creator has got back on Dada Life’s rave music incubator with a whole set of experienced aliases: we find Kazden (in excellent form after the “One Day Soon”), Miami Boys, and the mentioned vocalist again. Their joint venture is altogether a delicious Future Rave experience!

Brunetti amazed me yet again with a splendid vocal intro, and then the drop takes over with familiar chords and a brutal melodic riff. A remarkable bassline with apparent influences from Kazden drives with a dirty and occasional flanger effect, making “By Your Side” immediately convincing and lively!

The mechanisms become more intricate as the instrumental heads towards the core breakdown, being left in the background for valorizing the vocal. Then the ultimatum arrives with the drop bringing up its entire arsenal for another round. Definitely enjoyable with praiseworthy work on the distortions, even if there was a lack of percussions, as the background in general felt slightly less fulfilled.

“By Your Side” is a fun experience that delivers without tweaking a formula that is becoming a tad repetitive, yet the lead, melody, and vocals take the praise. Though, I wouldn’t mind a further step toward innovation in similar projects!

You can listen to “By Your Side” here:

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