YOLO KULT & Carl Lazy – Thunderbolt

YOLO KULT & Carl Lazy - Thunderbolt

82%Overall Score

• Explosive, out-of-the-box drop style
• Bouncy bassline
• Excellent blend with the existing Phonk staples

The two Italian creatives YOLO KULT and Carl Lazy couldn’t make me any less content with their booming “Thunderbolt”! Just like a lightning bolt, the composition blasts and roars with an impressive assortment of basslines and hard-hitting lead. It’s more like an Electro House-Big Room hybrid over a Phonky bassline since the structure stands out from the rest with a real Festival mindset!

Even if the introductory seconds seem a bit predictable when the drop hits, “Thunderbolt” unleashes a relentless assault of bassline and hammering lead that leaves a lasting impact. The glitchy metallic sound puts a unique and captivating touch on the track, summoning an ambiance of excitement and anticipation. Immediately, I felt a bit surprised and overwhelmed, but after a few bars, it was easier to experience the genuine power of the tune.

Released through Tribal Trap, “Thunderbolt” puts on a show of the artist’s individuality and distinctive style. The track exudes a strong sense of personality and stands out as a refreshing choice. It’s a testament to the creative and innovative approach of YOLO KULT and Carl Lazy.

A thunderstorm of a Phonk record, “Thunderbolt” grabs attention thanks to the explosive and striking collaboration that pushes boundaries. It displays their mettle and sets them apart as inventive up-and-comers in the scene!

You can listen to “Thunderbolt” here: