Your EDM Premiere: So Schway – 'Get These' [Broken Syndicate]

BRØKEN, or Broken Syndicate, is one the last labels in the UK continuously releasing breakbeat and bass-heavy techno nowadays. It’s a niche at this point, but Broken Syndicate certainly owns it. For their first major release 2018, BS has put out a compilation album called Conspiracy Vol. 1, an all-inclusive release which spans multiple genres bass music.

The Conspiracy compilation includes breakbeat from producers like Womba, lots garage from the likes Daze Prison and Khesis and even some chill and bass-heavy techno like the album closer “Get These” by So Schway. Techno on a release from a label known for its breakbeat may be surprising, but it’s a great sign from Broken Syndicate that it really does want to include all genres in its label roster.

“Get These” starts out a sort a chill techno or chill house vibe, but after the first break is when the bass really comes in. Specifically, there is a grinding, almost evil-sounding bass synth which drives the rest the track and which, if one had to guess, is why this track closes out the Conspiracy comp. This bass synth almost sounds like sine wave or vector manipulation done with old equipment, and it would be interesting to see how Schway actually put that sound together. It might sound strange to have such a chill beat with such a grimy, deep bassline but on this track it works just fine. There’s a little melody added to the track at the second break, but it’s really this interesting bassline which drives it and which will likely make”Get These” a dancefloor banger.

Conspiracy Vol. 1 releases in full on Jaunary 26. A teaser for the full compliation can be found below, and pre-order as well as clips from the other tracks are available on .