Zafrir & Afrojack – Boom Boom Pow

• Uncredited vocalists with a club-like performance
• Amazing way of mixing together the two styles
• Curious output, maybe suitable for a specific audience

Zafrir strikes me as the individual who keeps releasing a lot of music and conducting team-ups with famous aliases, often with forgettable results and sometimes with gorgeous results. The detail I appreciate in this efforts is that he is always trying to introduce new ideas, without recycling his sound, more noticeable in the joint-efforts whilst in the presence of a talented collaborator.

Such is the case of the newest studio outcome with Afrojack in “Boom Boom Pow”. The duo presents an unanticipated hip-hop clubbier production, an energetic type that was storming the dance-floors in 2012/2013. I never found myself totally settled with the trend of that time, as these schematic has aged like milk in my honest opinion (with a few brilliant exceptions), so the aforementioned instrumental didn’t paint an overall great impression on me. However, let’s see how Afrojack and Zafrir modernized and added their spin.

Spinnin’ Records · Zafrir & Afrojack – Boom Boom Pow [OUT NOW]