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Angel Parilli, a DJ and Producer who brings versatility and passion to each of his creative expressions, whether performing or in the studio, continues to demand attention with his distinct blend of genres and influences. Growing up with a passion for music and an eclectic range of inspirations, Angel Parilli has worked to craft a unique sound, motivated by his dedication to innovation and originality as he incorporates elements from genres like Progressive, Tech House, or Melodic Techno.

Now, in this interview, Angel Parilli shares his eclectic inspirations and the personal experiences that have shaped his approach, diving into his journey so far. So, join us as we uncover the mind of Angel Parilli and explore the influences and motivations behind this talented Producer and DJ.

Can you describe your musical style and influences in just one word? 


What’s the first thing you do every morning and how does it set the tone for your day? 

First of all, I don’t grab my phone as the first thing I do when I wake up, LOL. I start making my coffee, stretch while I wait for the coffee to be ready, and listen to reggae. Great vibes to start my day

When you’re working on a new mix, what’s typically playing in the background for inspiration? 

I like playing live sets of similar genre DJs while I get ready to work on my new set mix or new track. I like to hear, see, and feel the crowd in those videos mainly and feel their reaction to certain sounds.

Which international music conferences or festivals do you regularly attend for inspiration and networking? 

When I used to live in Miami, I’d always go to Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Week, and all that. I love that town and the whole vibe. Also, the NAMM show. I need to do that more often, actually. I’ve been hibernating, producing tracks, working like a bee, LOL.

How would you describe your personal style, both in your DJ sets and in your personal life? 

In my DJ sets, I get very, very, very personal with the crowd. First of all, I’m a music fan. I’ve been part of the audience before ever DJing. When I play, I’m still part of the audience, so I take very seriously what me and the audience would like to listen to that will keep them dancing and forgetting they needed to go to the bathroom, LOL. I’m very energetic and love to interact with everyone

In my personal life, I’m the same way regarding people. I’m a people person; I love chatting and making sure others are OK, and I’m not shy at all. But when I’m at home, I like peace and quiet, not because I like isolation, haha, but because I’m always on the move, and it’s my time to decompress. But if you call me and need help with jumping cables at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday, I’m that friend that will leave everything behind to go help you.

If you could go back in time, can you remember the moment when you realized you wanted to pursue a career in Electronic music? 

My oldest cousin showed me a live concert video of Guns N’ Roses. I think it was a Tokyo concert in 1992. I watched the whole thing over and over and over again. I’m not sure why. And I realized that music, something I already loved, can help many people at once feel so good and forget about whatever is happening at home for a couple of hours and get you so much respect because of your help towards the audience that I just wanted to do THAT forever.

Looking back on your childhood, what kind of kid were you, and how do you see those characteristics reflected in your work today? 

I was a very interesting kid, LOL. I was that kid who started puberty later than all my friends, so girls didn’t really like me, and I was always in the friend zone. Because of that, I had more time to be introverted and focus on other things such as sports, music, and school. I became that little skinny, not-attractive dude who was always between 2nd and 3rd best student in the school, was the best pitcher on the baseball team, and had a known Rock band in the city at 16 years old called Mean While. That period of my life helped me understand how much I can achieve if I just focus on my priorities. It’s very difficult today for me to put my energy into something that isn’t going to keep me on track for achieving my goals.

Who are your favorite DJs right now, and what about their sets and styles resonates with you? 

I like many DJs, but personality-wise and music styles, I like the following DJs: 

  • Deadmau5: He wasn’t a studied musician when he started, that I know of, but he managed to create his own chords, music arrangements, and solid sound like not many have or can. Live, he’s one of the most solid acts I’ve heard in person. 
  • Kaskade: The chord progressions and vocal arrangements he comes up with are fascinating to me. There are no “blah whatever” tracks on his albums. Always a vibe. 
  • Skrillex: He comes from the same music background as me, Punk Rock. He can play many instruments just like me and understands a lot of music basics or complex techniques. He’s always looking to innovate. I feel very related to his work. And because of Punk Rock, he can’t just stay still during his sets. He needs to hype the crowd. I’m the same way. 
  • Boris Brejcha: This dude is the guy who made me love Deep Techno, Minimal, etc. He overcame his childhood accident that burned his face through music. His tracks aren’t very complex most of the time, but it seems that the time he spent overcoming his accident helped him pay attention to details. His music is very detail-oriented. Every extra hi-hat here and there, an extra snare here and there changes or sets the mood to go from 10 to 300 in a couple of bars without doing so much production-wise, just doing the right unexpected thing. Love it.

What are some essentials you always carry with you for gigs or studio sessions? 

MIDI guitar, clown mask, drone, 3 GoPros, 3 USB drives (gotta keep it stupid-proof, LOL), headphones, vitamins, and very comfortable shoes.

If you could choose any decade to experience its music firsthand, which would it be and why? 

For some reason, I feel EDM today and all the festivals are kind of similar to the boom of Rock and Roll and its festivals from the ’60s to the ’80s. I’d choose any of those three decades to compare similarities and just go with the flow.

Who or what inspires you the most in your creative endeavors? 

The crowd. You know how many people listen to meditation sounds at night to go to sleep or self-improvement speeches in the car, etc.? I love to listen to concert crowds. I like to feel like I’m there; it doesn’t matter the genre they are listening to. That reaction from thousands of people at once because of sound or music inspires me to a level I still don’t comprehend.

Are there any specific challenges or obstacles that motivate you to push yourself further in your career? 

I was brought up in Venezuela, where for the past two decades, the country went from democracy to communism to dictatorship. I lost everything, including people I loved, because of it. I had to come to the US with $5 in my pocket and survive when I was 19 years old. Music, my guitar that I carried everywhere I went, helped me stay on track with my emotions and not get lost in this hostile jungle of being an immigrant and many times being treated horribly because of it. I became a US citizen, financially take care of my parents, helped many friends thrive in life, American friends and not American friends, and all because my guitar, which I played at least 2 hours every day no matter what, kept me sane from all the madness I lived. So, I better use this skill to help and inspire many.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure—what’s yours when it comes to tracks or music genres? 

I can’t help you with that, hahaha. I don’t think I have one.

If you could host a dinner with any three artists, living or deceased, who would they be and why? 

  • Chester Bennington: He really inspired me life-wise. He went through so much, and with his music, was able to help so many people. Plus, his voice was otherworldly. 
  • Slash from Guns N’ Roses: This dude is the reason why, as a child, I wanted to start playing instruments. Period! 
  • Michael Jackson: His music is still a classic today. There’s something in his music that no other music has. If you show Michael Jackson’s songs to someone who has never heard his music, even a 6-year-old kid, the kid will immediately love it. He inspired me a lot as a kid. He was introverted, but when he performed, he went from an oyster in his shell to a lion. That helped me with my confidence as a kid.

Lastly, what’s your favorite genre to mix live and what memories or emotions does it evoke for you? 

I like many; I don’t have one specifically. They all provide different vibes for me. 

  • Tech House: always a party. 
  • Deep Tech or Progressive House: it’s a mix of peaceful and big sounds, involving us together in a huge bubble of great vibes. 
  • Big Room: rage. I like those euphoric vibes. I love that a lot. It doesn’t need to be fully commercial; it can be mixed with some darker tunes too so everyone can be part of this party. 
  • Latin House and Afro: I’m foreign, my friend. I must play these styles here and there; it’s in my blood, LOL.

As he continues pushing boundaries and exploring new creative avenues, Angel Parilli no doubt remains a name to watch, staying up-to-date with him via social media to not miss out on his upcoming releases and projects. We close our interview by thanking Angel Parilli for his time and providing such an insightful glimpse into his world; with a promising journey still ahead, Angel Parilli is a talent to take note of.  

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