5 Day Forecast – To The Edge

5 Day Forecast - To The Edge

82%Overall Score

• Minimalist signature
• Catchy loop with a sax and a kick
• Perfect material for chilling out on a beach

Usually, I am brutal towards commercial summer releases, who are often jumping on one or other bandwagons with next to zero creativity. Those are:

• Reggaeton (worst of the bunch)
• Slap House reworks
• Kygo-style basic Tropical House

Yet, not all EDM releases on a rather hot June are like this. Today, I am going to talk about one of my recent favorites: “To The Edge”.

5 Day Forecast, a talented DJ based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, brought me what I was looking for. There’s an old-school touch to it in the hard-hitting bassline, while the vocal shows a lot of passion from the singer involved. The breakdown, extremely minimal, was already catching my attention.

Then came the sax, hard. The drop is still minimal and uncomplicated, with a kick, usual percussions, and the golden wind instrument on a sophisticated loop, and it was immediately hooked into my cranium. Its delectable rhythm is the secret weapon, as I can imagine it being played out in a lounge bar near a beach, alluring the tourists passing nearby.

And well, that’s all. 5 Day Forecast picked up four elemental things: a kick, the percussions, a sax, and a female vocal that altogether got fashioned into a superbly danceable record without sacrificing the relaxing and serene first impression. I felt the summer entering my room; not the boring, stiff, or annoying heatwave, but the refreshing kind!

You can listen to “To The Edge” here: