5 Day Forecast’s “Elevate” Introduces New Ways To Cope With A Breakup

Projecting his personal life experiences into his recent tracks, emerging DJ and producer, 5 Day Forecast has been releasing back-to-back breakup anthems that relieve and alleviate the pain of letting someone go. The new single is titled “Elevate” and follows “Baby I’m Good” and “To The Edge.”

Trying to forget a person one has loved deeply is considered one of the most excruciating feelings in the human experience. “Elevate” paints the ideal picture of that situation, reassuring the public that everyone experiences the same kind of insecurities after a separation.

Thanks to its syncopated rhythmic patterns and profound lyrics, “Elevate” instantly lures the listeners and delivers a sense of relief to all the broken hearts out there. 5 Day Forecast admits: “This single is a special one for me. I wanted to drop my first dubstep song while also exploring a more darker/moody vibe and think I accomplished that with this song.”

“Elevate” comes with an accompanying video that evokes the track’s lyrics: “I can hear whispers from far away/ I can't hide but I'll try/ I see the walls are caving in/ But I'm not ready to fly/ If I were to stay in here forever/ I would want the sun to come alive/ If my heart was lighter than a feather/ I would slip away into the night/ Send me ultraviolet signals through the silence/ Into the horizon/ Elevate.”

 5 Day’s passion for different EDM styles like Tropical House, Progressive House, Tech House, Dubstep, and Future House, creates opportunities for the producer to explore his versatility and range. “Elevate” is the first step towards his efforts to become one of the most sought-after artists of his generation and the next.

Watch the music video for “Elevate” below:

Listen to “Elevate” here: