Bassjackers – How We Do

Bassjackers - How We Do

83%Overall Score

• Afrojack-type dirty lead
• Festival banger for live performances
• Minimal melodic pattern

It is harder to rationalize the titling on Bassjackers’ latest EP, as they didn’t specifically name it “Vol. 3”, but yes, the duo migrated to Smash The House after two editions on Spinnin’ Records.

Sincerely curious about this third installment, the Dutch duology has always faithfully put forward many underground bangers, experimenting with their Big Room style now and then.

Then, I received a warm welcome from “Les Pays Bass”, which features classic bangers like “Arabian Nights Part 2” and curious experiments such as “Bass Hammer“, but hats off to that intro track! “How We Do” is an especially entertaining composition to start the listening experience with the proper blast!

Even though the vocal didn’t resonate with my expectations due to its repetition and high-pitched nature, then the drop slaps and well, it’s a hit or miss here. The squeaky lead resembles the ones used by Afrojack, but the bassline strikes hard with a recognizable Big Room schema. This is evident during the finale, where it starts to sound closely to “Turn Up The Speakers“. Personally, this is a recipe that left me relished and fulfilled, knowing that I missed the old-school vibe.

“How We Do” may not be the most creative track out there or in the EP, but hey, it made me dance. Loads of fun here!

You can listen to “How We Do” here:

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