A Noisy Way To Profit

Although sounding preposterous, at this very moment there are several creators on Spotify earning thousands of dollars. You would think they must be a rather engaging fella rambling about world issues, the ever-changing pop culture or something comic, or perhaps a reputed musical alias garnering millions of streams on their records. On the contrary, these are people uploading long, continuous recordings of white noises. Surprising, isn’t it?

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The whole category of ASMR and white/ambient noises videos has already made quite the mark on YouTube, which has seeped onto Spotify and other streamers. Tired minds quickly tap on these droning, repetitive but soothing podcasts hoping to fall asleep or even concentrate on a particular task. Certain individuals providing such services have already turned this whole venture into a massively profiting business.

One such example (as published on Bloomberg) is of the Florida-based Todd Moore, a cybersecurity employee who created an app just for white noise. Now, using the free podcast distribution platform Anchor, his project “Tmsoft’s White Noise Sleep Sounds” gets over a staggering fifty thousand (roughly $119 in royalties) listens a day. Moreover, this isn’t a single-person effort. There are not one, but five employees working under him in this business. And such is the demand for these monotonous noises that these podcasts often rank higher over other popular ones involving celebrities and popular figures.

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