Afterlife Miami 2024 is Moving to the Waterfront

Exactly one year ago today, Afterlife Miami was announced for Miami Music Week at Factory Town in Hialeah. Keeping things punctual af, Afterlife is announcing its return to Miami for Music Week 2024. However, Afterlife is making a big move this year, and it’s sure to delight fans. After hitting Factory Town twice before, Afterlife is moving to the legendary Miami Marine Stadium “flex-park”. You might remember it as home to half of Ultra Music Festival in 2019. That’s where we had the Main Stage, Worldwide Stage, and the LIVE Stage.

As Afterlife further embraces the theme of nature-meets-technology, it only makes sense for the label/brand to move to Miami’s most beloved asset, the waterfront. You can imagine that Afterlife will lean heavily into the beautiful scenery of the waterfront, the skyline, and the historic Miami Marine Stadium (that we wish oh-so-badly would be renovated and re-opened).

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but you can sign up here. Do it because this event will 100% sell out, and fast.

This is not a “stadium” show, for the unaware. It’s outdoors and on pavement. It’s going to be glorious, and you can imagine it will probably be setup in a similar orientation to Ultra’s mainstage, or perhaps on the opposite side of the space, depending on what view they want in the background. As you can see below, there will be plenty of space for an epic production and a massive crowd without too much crowd crunch.

Why There’s No Need to Be Concerned

Now, there are surely a few people with a bad taste in their mouths from the complexities of hosting Ultra Music Festival there in 2019. However, it’s important to note that those issues should not apply to this event, and here’s why. First, Ultra Music Festival had a daily capacity of something like 30,000 people spread out over 2 connected venues. Afterlife (or any other event there during Music Week) will have a capacity that’s about half that. This will alleviate any issues with getting in and out, Ubers, etc that Ultra had to contend with. Second, Ultra had to squeeze 3 stages hosting very different music in that space and there was sound bleed. Afterlife will have 1 or 2 stages spread far enough apart to manage the sound without issue. Third, there won’t be a secondary area at Virginia Key (we wish), so that leaves a lot of additional parking space and roads opened that were blocked off during Ultra.