Hogland brings summer early with “Location Unknown”, a bouncy interpretation of Piano House

Hogland brings summer early with "Location Unknown", a bouncy interpretation of Piano House

82%Overall Score

• Sounds a lot like Italo Dance
• Catchy vocal, supported by nifty sound design
• Warm and joyful atmosphere

It’s time we talk about Hogland. The Swedish talent, who has released several successful singles has come back with “Location Unknown”. What I have today is an energetic Piano House creation that struck quite the impression— packed with cheerful vibes and a pinch of Italo Dance, I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Let’s begin with our protagonist: Hogland has a “Nordic” style greatly influenced by the likes of Avicii, but with an affection for pop that takes the credit for all the success he’s gotten since 2015, the year when all of this started. “Letting Go“, released in 2019, amassed over 58 million streams and spent 13 weeks on the Swedish Hit chart, bringing much-needed exposure for the talented debutant.

With the gradual evolution and experience came many other well-regarded records, culminating in “Location Unknown”; it marks another achievement in Hogland’s sound design. This is Piano House in theory, yet both the vocal delivery and structuring of the bass pay ode to Italo Dance: an old-school genre that has slowly gained traction lately. It’s a joyful experience that will certainly provide fun with its simple yet deadly effective schematics.

The breakdown is also praiseworthy, despite the presence of noisy claps. This part took its time to emphasize the lead and vocal, in a catchy chorus that decides to go toward the climax gradually.

Summer is still far, and it’s snowing as I am writing this. And things in Sweden aren’t warmer either, but Hogland brought summer with “Location Unknown”. It’s genuinely catchy enough to probably get millions of listeners dance to this tune in the coming weeks.

You can listen to “Location Unknown” here: