Alan Walker And Ina Wroldsen Join Forces On New Anthem ‘Barcelona’

We’ve got the next big summer anthem for those after-sunset moments.

Right off the back of his recent team-up with Disney star Kylie Cantrall on ‘Unsure‘, superstar Alan Walker is back with the brand-new, surefire summer anthem, ‘Barcelona‘. This number marks his third time joining forces with the ever-talented vocalist Ina Wroldsen, the voice behind tracks such as Steve Aoki’s ‘Lie To Me’, and her own ‘Strongest’, a track later remixed by Alan Walker, and which has earned just shy of two hundred million Spotify streams as we speak.

The track, originally birthed from Ina’s demo, became a reality when Ina presented the rough demo that she had written to Alan Walker who got to producing as soon as he heard it, falling in love with the potential of the record. It is safe to say, both artists’ core sounds and choices are present throughout the record, which goes to show just how good of a team the pair serve as.

(Left to right) Alan Walker, Ina Wroldsen.


Wroldsen, a songwriting powerhouse who has lent her talents to artists like Shakira, Demi Lovato, and Calvin Harris, brings her angelic vocals to life over Walker’s signature Future Bass production. Together, they create a bubbly and light-hearted soundscape that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of a summer night.

A feel-good and laid-back track, several organic elements are scattered across, such as an acoustic guitar strum and beachy ambient background sounds, and they blend with more digital synths and programmed textures, which actually works for a much greater purpose than a standalone single: the track finds a spot in Walker’s most vanguardist project thus far: his evolution of the Walkerworld concept within Fortnite.

As he recalls, “‘Barcelona’ is not just a song that kicks off the summer; it’s also the beginning of a new trilogy and this summer’s big project, Walkerworld Creator Games+. Since I started posting songs on YouTube in 2012, I’ve been inspired by other creators who use my music in their own videos, so I can´t wait to see what people come up with“.

Listen to Alan Walker featuring Ina Wroldsen‘s ‘Barcelona‘ down below for your Spotify play. Also, be sure to check out this link to support the track on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music industry.