Alan Walker, Dash Berlin, and Vikkstar Revive ’90s Dance Classic in ‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III)’

In a surprising collaboration, Norwegian superstar Alan Walker has joined forces with Dash Berlin and British gaming sensation Vikkstar for their latest track, ‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III).’ This trio of artists has breathed new life into one of the most iconic dance tracks from the ’90s.

‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III)’ keeps the original track’s catchy vocals intact, putting a spotlight on the memorable lyric, “I think you better come along.” In this reimagined version, the trio infuses the classic Eurodance beats with progressive melodies and euphonic basslines, keeping the nostalgic vibe you get from the original but amplifying it into a futuristic dance ready track. This release marks the third installment of Alan Walker’s “Alone” series, which began in 2016 with the track ‘Alone’ and continued in 2019 with ‘Alone Pt. II’ featuring Ava Max. The series carries a consistent message of positivity and unity, encouraging listeners to support one another both on and off the dance floor.

“Teaming up with Dash Berlin and Vikkstar for ‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III)’ has been a creative whirlwind. We’ve reimagined a beloved 90s gem, infusing it with a contemporary twist that’s bound to resonate with fans old and new. This collaboration embodies the magic of music – a fusion of nostalgia and innovation.” – Alan Walker

“Proud to be a part of this momentous team up with dance music icon Alan Walker and legendary YouTube phenomenon Vikkstar, together with Dash Berlin producers Seb & Eelke celebrating 25 years of their monster hit ‘Better Off Alone’. Reborn and reworked as a magical future classic as part of Alan Walker’s celebrated ‘Alone’ saga, ready to make the whole world sing along with us once again.” – Ryan Fieret from Dash Berlin