Michael Bibi Joins Pawsa, Dennis Cruz, And More For Special Ibiza Closing Party

Stop everything! Michael Bibi is officially back in Ibiza! House’s prodigal son has returned to the promised land. The British DJ, who’s spent the last months dealing with cancer treatment was spotted DJing tonight at the Solid Grooves Casino Motel, DC 10‘s themed parties organized by Bibi’s label. It is the first time he has taken control of the decks ever since stepping away to get treatment.

Just look at the following story posted by Solid Grooves!

A mere 24 hours ago, we posted an article talking about Michael Bibi updating his fans on his health status. Tonight, the man himself has flown into Ibiza for the closing party of his very own label, Solid Grooves. One of the biggest House parties in all of Ibiza. An absolute legend’s move. One that resonates with the culture. After tweeting one life, live it earlier today, Michael Bibi set out to demonstrate that he’s willing to back his words with actions. Michael Bibi has returned to Ibiza.

Michael Bibi Returns To DC For “Special Guest” Set

The story’s so good in itself, that it will remind you of a movie’s plot. Solid Grooves closing party. An open spot on the main terrace. On the flyer, a secret awaited. The party’s “special guest” turned out to be none other than the groove’s sensei himself. Zeus returns to the Olympus. Jordan’s comeback season. Dozens of examples jump to mind. They all share, however, a similar message: joy. Here at EDMTunes, we want to congratulate Michael Bibi on what will most definitely go down in history as one of the most emotional sets in the history of Dance music.

All of these events, clubs, festivals. This whole industry’s been built on the back of dreamers such as Michael Bibi. To get a chance to see him return to action, and at his very own party, is exactly what this industry’s all about. We hope to see more of you in the future, Michael. Welcome home.