[EVENT REVIEW] ZHU Rocks The Brooklyn Mirage For Three Nights On Grace Tour

ZHU brought his Grace Tour to the Brooklyn Mirage for three straight nights. The Mirage is the perfect venue for the American Singer, Producer, and DJ (he really does it all). Some might think rain in the forecast would be a bummer for a show, but I think it added to the ambience. ZHU has always presented a dark and mysterious aura and a slight drizzle of rain really set the vibe. It also cooled the crowd off with the end-of-summer show.

Noizu and Partywithray were both supporters of the night I attended. Noizu kicked it off after a 1-hour delay due to rain. That didn’t stop him from rocking the crowd and getting everyone going. He had a very fun set featuring all of his new releases this year. I liked that both Noizu and Partywithray joined ZHU for parts of their sets, it was a nice cohesive touch to the night. Partywithray closed the night down and the crowd was more than happy to keep the vibes high. He played lots of new tunes that we are eagerly awaiting the release of.

New York loves ZHU and ZHU loves New York back. They are quite the pair.

ZHU Presents The Grace Tour

ZHU always presents a unique show. If you haven’t attended, I like comparing his show to The Weeknd meets dance music. He always makes sure to sing with his tracks bringing in a nice live element you don’t see from many artists. His falsetto voice is what makes him stand out.

Halfway through the night he also brought out an electric guitarist, drummer, and saxophonist. I was really digging this part. Their live rifts paired perfectly with the electronic drops.

ZHU did a fantastic job with the set list balancing his heavy bass with his softer tunes. He even hit us with some Techno thanks to his side project Blacklizt. There were plenty of IDs as well, most likely dropping on his GRACE album in January.

When I heard my favorite track ‘Came For The Low’ the whole crowd was moving and grooving. That one always has the ability to send people into a frenzy.

ZHU is still on his Grace tour and you must catch it if you can. A full list of destinations can be found here.