Albin Myers X ILY – I Told You So

Albin Myers X ILY - I Told You So

74%Overall Score

• Hexagon return with a signature finale
• Experimenting with vocal distortions
• Big twist in the end

Albin Myers is a Swedish moniker who holds an enormous amount of experience as a DJ/Producer. He achieved several notable releases in the past fifteen years in the EDM world, with remix duties for Avicii and Axwell & Ingrosso to releases on hefty imprints such as Musical Freedom and Dim Mak. Not to mention he has scored collaborations with key figures such as Aoki & DV&LM.

His style is admirable, releasing few meticulously crafted songs every year without shying away from experimenting with unconventional sounds. This has resulted in Albin’s music being hard to categorize since he doesn’t hold a very distinct sound, yet his works speak the volume of experience that went into them. That’s why it is time to introduce “I Told You So” (Hexagon) with native alias ILY, a singer-songwriter who has gained millions of streams with her expertise in dance-pop.  The pair has already worked together in “Fall“, realased last January.

The Piano House composition flaunts a funky side of Myers’ style while sticking to old-school House roots. The experimental nature is further imminent from the vocals, which get heavily distorted during the drop, countering each other in these instances. I liked the first drop, containing a simple melody that encases a huge baseline as the vocal clashes on top to keep it spicy.

Although the piano in the breakdown came off a bit predictable, thankfully it is rescued by the finale that puts up quite a show. The ending brings up the Hexagon trademark lead, entering into the Future House realm with an unexpected twist.

Undoubtedly, Albin Myers and ILY ventured into a praiseworthy idea with “I Told You So”. It comes as a gift of sizeable experience that Myers has to be so versatile, free to experiment as he prefers. Such a lightweight and confident creation!

You can listen to “I Told You So” here:

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