81%Overall Score

• Spooky vocal, well balanced
• More melodic bassline than expected
• Out-of-the-box idea

It has come to my notice that I have been quickly transitioning to Phonk during my chill-out and car-driving sessions, as this hypnotic and looping genre never ceases to fascinate me. Many Tribal Trap releases, a real industrious warehouse of Phonk Tunes at the moment, are engaging but reviewing all of them becomes an uphill task, as most of the elements are commonplace in the now-trending genre.

However, “GHOST” felt out of the ordinary. Conjured by 6SIXSIX, the Phonk banger features spooky, preternatural vocals that gave me the chills, together with a surprisingly melodic bassline! The opera goes on and on with the familiar hard-hitting percussions, but there was a complicated string of notes that made me feel like I was listening to something truly “out of the box”. And that’s EDM Reviewer material right there!

A shout-out to the vocals here, as they perfectly encapsulated the essence of “GHOST”. Murky vibes (if not horror) are common in this domain, but this wasn’t the usually messy loop slapped behind the basses in a chaotic mix, but a delicately balanced element with plenty of personalities. It is hard to determine the exact vocal effects the producer used, but they worked!

The experience with “GHOST” is certainly positive, as 6SIXSIX put together a Phonk weapon with enough peculiarity to deserve a full article. Of the plethora of Phonk artists out there, his name is a frequent one that brings out great results!

You can listen to “GHOST” here:

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