Haus of Panda & Brett Allen – Woop Woop Woo

Haus of Panda & Brett Allen - Woop Woop Woo

79%Overall Score

• Best of both artists’ style
• Noisy, but funny, vocals
• A great fit for Barong Family

It would be fair to say that I am a great fan of this synergy between Haus of Panda and Brett Allen for two things: the very engaging vocals, and the way they blend their styles with flair. “Woop Woop Woo” delivers the deep baselines of Brett, who is used to working with heavy Deep Houses with Tech influences (see “NUMNUM” or “Greatest Track Ever Made”, both on Baron Family). On the other side, we have Haus of Panda with his sped-up Bass House, thriving in the realm of Techno.

What results is a lethal combination of a Hard Techno belter with an extended buildup and a brutal, bouncy drop bringing the best of both worlds. The melody is minimal, focusing on hitting hard with the basses, and the way the vocal was there in the backdrop to provide a noisy presence made me laugh. There is that “woo woo woo” popping here and there between the elements that simply kills me.

This is a solid composition that emphasizes the basses and vocals, while the breakdown is mostly a sequence of claps and a buildup toward the final drop. That’s expected, knowing the genre and label at work here.

This may be funny enough, or a “softer” release for Yellow Claw’s label, which has to offer some of the most vicious tracks out there, yet don’t be deceived! “Woop Woop Woo” slaps, and it’s a total Techno weapon for the raves!

You can listen to “Woop Woop Woo” here:

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