Alesso, CORSAK, Stray Kids Collaborated on “Going Dumb”

Alesso teamed up with a slew of artists, including K-pop artists Stray Kids and Chinese producer CORSAK for the release of “Going Dumb,” a song featured in the PUBG video game.

Alesso and CORSAK, both lending their production to the song, released two versions of the song, including one featuring Stray Kids as the vocal talent. Additionally, for Stray Kids, “Going Dumb” is the first collaboration single the group has released after they originally formed as part of a reality TV show in 2017.

“Going Dumb” taps into a low-key house melody with each singer from Stray Kids lending their rich vocals to orchestrate a dark but animated atmosphere. Moving forward, Alesso and CORSAK parade through “Going Dumb” with their minimalist take on house with a robust kick that resonates deep amid the track’s synths. Moreover, Alesso and CORSAK seamlessly assume each other’s sound in the studio. Also, Alesso’s diversity across house proves to be a valuable asset alongside CORSAK’s ability to create a cool aura in his music.

“Going Dumb” hails as a global sound, blending the talents of a multitude of artists and launching as a timeless collaboration. Check out the lyric video of “Going Dumb” on YouTube below or stream the song via your favorite music platform.