Allegra – Round & Round (Tiësto Remix)

Allegra - Round & Round (Tiësto Remix)

75%Overall Score

• Original vocal keeping its dynamism
Tiësto’s signature basslines, with a pinch of Progressive
• Very clean and professional outcome

Let’s say that this remix wasn’t easy to improve for the Dutch creator. British vocalist Allegra released a delightful Dance Pop tune last month, “Round & Round”, which alternates between a lively vocal rendition and old-school Dance formulation. The riff, in particular, reminded me of “Show Me Love” in a slightly Brazilian Bass salsa, while the vocal accentuated the dynamism. Then, Tiesto jumped on this hot material with his “signature bass”, already heard in bangers like “All Nighter” or “The Business“. Simple structure with a catchy vocal on top of it, and a very clean bass.

I was never a fan of simplified arrangements, and yet I found this overrated strategy effective. And that’s what happened with “Round & Round” as well. Tiesto held the dynamism of the vocal, bringing in a Progressive climax in the right section and a wobbling drop with quite much reverb. Not to mention that the neatness here is admirable.

Fun fact, the Musical Freedom label-head already has an analogous tune released about threeyears ago, which was in collaboration with Galxara. A more summerish tune with softer EDM schematics, it was forgettable compared to this remix. The final result is enjoyable, professionally put-together, and emphasized with the right part of the original (notably the voice and drop’s melody).

“Round & Round” needed a twist from the icon, and while comparing the two versions, I felt the step-up in quality that Tiesto’s treatment brought to the table. Check both of them, but leave your ears prepared for the final drop in the remix: it’s a real work of art.

You can listen to “Round & Round” here:

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