Almost Weekend & Max Vermeulen – Island (ft. Michael Shynes)

Almost Weekend & Max Vermeulen - Island (ft. Michael Shynes)

80%Overall Score

• Sweeping vocal performance
• Explosive and lively drops
• Plenty of details to admire

As I am suffering in the rather stifling heatwave dominating over my place with a boiling hundred and four degrees as the mercury keeps rising, it seems there are even more summer releases heading my way. Anyways, some of my worries go away as our blog approaches its annual vacation period, a well-deserved sojourn off to a cooler place like beaches. Fortunately, I have a minty cool production to replicate the feeling of being already near the oceans.

Almost Weekend and Max Vermuelen sent another refreshing release, which did make me somewhat uneasy at first, but by the end, I enjoyed their production quite a lot and the rest is history. “Island” comes under the category of NCS-branded Electro/Future Bass record that is suitable for heavy gaming sessions, dance nights, or given the period, chilling out on a windy seaside. The elegant vocal of Michael Shynes strikes the sweet spot with remarkable performance and some lyricism that impressed me deeply.

The explosive drop here is a charm: while adhering to a personality that is using a vibrant bassline and screechy lead, the artists crafted a melodic piece so carefully designed that I instantly put it on repeat, for I was trapped to the ongoing pattern. There’s even a rap segment in between the drop and the second breakdown, a nice touch indeed to differentiate things!

I didn’t know them before, but now my expectations are set with NCS releases, and “Island” exceeded my hopes. There’s so much zest and passion here, and a lot of care for all the details to fabricate such a complex scheme, that I felt the urge to review it. A perfect companion for all your getaway summer parties!

You can listen to “Island” here:

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