Arcadia Teases New Arena For Glastonbury 2024: ‘The Dragonfly’

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Chris Cooper / Shotaway (@shotawaydotcom)

Arcadia is one of Glastonbury‘s most-famous stages at each edition of the festival for the nearly the past couple decades. The Arcadia stage started running on renewable energy at last year’s edition and during the last FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the tournament organizers even hired the fire-breathing, spider-like stage to host live music performances there, especially DJ sets. At Glastonbury 2024, there will be a new arena coming from Arcadia. That arena from Arcadia is ‘The Dragonfly’ and according to an article from the Rolling Stone UK, the parts of the structure come from a former Royal Navy helicopter. Arcadia introducing ‘The Dragonfly’ is the second time it has changed arenas since it replaced the spider stage for the ‘Pangea’ crane at Glastonbury 2019. Furthermore, this stage will run on wind and solar energy, with batteries being charged off-site.

‘The Dragonfly’ of Arcadia signifies another memorable moment in Glastonbury history

During Glastonbury 2024, ‘The Dragonfly’ from Arcadia will open up with representatives of the Wadjuk Noongar nation from Australia who are conducting the Warraloo ceremony. This ceremony will mark the official establishment of ‘The Dragonfly’. Also, according to Mixmag, the stage’s debut will host the likes of Fatboy Slim, Eric Prydz, Amelie Lens, Andy C, Barry Can’t Swim, Joy Orbison, Shygirl, HAAi b2b KI/KI, Hedex b2b Bou, and many more. The addition of ‘The Dragonfly’ from Arcadia really signifies another memorable moment in Glastonbury history. Another thing is that ‘The Bug’ stage will also return to Arcadia although Glastonbury has not revealed the lineup as of yet. This year’s Glastonbury will occur on the weekend of June 26-30 and it will for sure bring out more unforgettable memories for anyone who attend, in particularly if they get to marvel at this new environmentally-friendly arena of Arcadia.

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