Asher Shashaty & WhosKevin? – The Void

Asher Shashaty has a completely unique style, sound, and genre range that he often finds himself with no mainstream comparisons to align with. He recently connected with whoskevin?, a south FL based vocalist, and producer, specializing in Alternative rock, with an electronic influence. The two come together on a new track entitled “The Void” that dips into both of their worlds creating a beautiful sonic landscape that blends elements of alternative music and EDM. Asher Shashaty tackles the production lexicon with a clever approach and grace – a live drum feel on the percussion lays down a solid foundation, thick sidechains drive a quaint future bass feel, and dirty synths help inject a level of darkness where it fits, but also a sense of hopeful emotion in the chorus. Tune in to their collab below now and above the stream read a quote from both acts on the release! Enjoy.

“Asher Shashaty & whoskevin? came together for the first time to make a beautiful blend of what they both love in music.” – Asher Shashaty

“This song is inspired by the constant search about always trying to feel complete. We tend to lean towards temporary fixes instead of dealing with our issues head on.” – whoskevin?