Chief Moquiuix’ New Album Mass Psychosis Explores Current World Issue & More

US-based Hip-Hop artist Chief Moquiuix drops an intense album titled Mass Psychosis, an LP listing 13 tracks. Exploring current world issues while sounding the alarm for mankind’s awareness to urgently raise its level, Chief Moquiuix is a leading artist when it comes to changing our preconceived ideas of what success really is. 

Straight outta his bases in San Diego and Las Vegas, Moquiuix comes back strong shortly after having released the singles “Parabolic,” On Edge,” and “Irrational.”

Moquiuix shares: “The wealthy have become wealthier since the beginning of the pandemic. And to me it's clear to see that when you control the news and the media in general, you control the people. My album is meant to give the masses their own second opinion. A fresh perspective. I don't wear skinny jeans, I don't make trap beats, I don't mumble, or sing with auto tune. I'm not hating, I'm just saying I don't have anything to hide. I'm just trying to give hip-hop, and even pop culture a breath of fresh air.I'm all about love, peace, unity and providing value to the fans that enjoy being entertained by my different point of view.”

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