Aurelios x Chester Young – Falling

Aurelios x Chester Young - Falling

78%Overall Score

Aurelios in the break, Chester in the drop
• Influences from the Big Room Techno trend
• Lovely twist in the pre-drop transition

Aurelios already made a unique introduction on our blog with a catchy record on Spinnin’ Talent Pool the prior month, but “Falling” raised the bar to another level!

Featuring Chester Young from Russia, this joint venture sets together the unusual breakdown of the Italian creator with Chester’s filthy Bass House drops… And simultaneously offers a Big Room Techno layout with a pinch of Progressive in the melody! That’s pretty interesting, and also slightly out of context for Generation Hex, which rarely focuses on this genre.

Nonetheless, fun is in abundance with “Falling”, as the breakdown from Aurelios spaced around with its elaborate melodies. Yes, it’s clearly inspired by Progressive House, with that orchestration and the lead slowly pushing toward the climax. Although, the vocal becomes forgettable in all of this, unfortunately.

Luckily, since boring Prog drops tire me out, Chester Young brought his own familiar twist, slowing things down to adapting to the current Techno trend. What comes out is a dirty drop containing familiar and experimental sounds, nothing too outstanding for today’s benchmarks but enough to get another crucial point on the scoreboard.

“Falling” concludes the experience with a final explosive drop, which, personally speaking, is one of the most fascinating aspects of Chester Young’s discography. It is clearly evident that the Russian creator has nailed his style with an impressive capability of adjusting to new waves. The experiment is a success, and it won’t be unfair to believe how well that will translate on the dance floors!

You can listen to “Falling” here:

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