Timmy Trumpet & Dr Phunk & STVW – The Money

Timmy Trumpet & Dr Phunk & STVW - The Money

83%Overall Score

• Punk Rock breakdown in MGK style
• Happy Hardcore in the drop
• Careful choices in the transition segment

It was only a matter of time before the new wave of Punk Rock washed over EDM! Brought to fame by stars like Machine Gun Kelly or Yungblud with industry veterans such as Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 breaking radio silence, the genre is thriving but often difficult to incorporate into the EDM world entirely, as it often happens with rock. Illenium and other US artists were successful in creating interesting mix-ups with their Dubstep styles, but Hardstyle? I thought that was an uphill task to achieve.

Eh, Timmy once again impressed me with “The Money”, a Hardstyle get-together with Dr Phunk and STVW. The trio is a match well-made, as STVW brings his experimental Big Room lead in the build-up while Dr. Phunk’s expertise is shown in a Happy Hardcore segment! Nothing spectacular in the drop, “The Money” aligns with a classic HH sound for striking hard at parties… Its magic lies in the breakdown, or better the transition.

While the source of creativity behind this part is hard to determine, or maybe it was Timmy Trumpet, there is a lovely Punk Rock section with a dynamic guitar and a catchy vocal, slowly transitioning into EDM. That switch was smoothly executed, and that’s the brilliance of “The Money”, which achieves a blend of genres that are likely to become trending on streaming services, considering the period.

Once again, Timmy Trumpet managed to craft a fun hit by carefully picking a great (and intricate) idea with two excellent teammates. The result is pretty unique!

You can listen to “The Money” here:

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