wazecode – Next Level

wazecode - Next Level

85%Overall Score

• A mix of everything… from flutes to violin!
• Constant variations throughout
• Usual trap format with unusual elements

Within the immense discography of Tribal Trap, “Next Level” by the Romanian wazecode struck me with its unique drop, although it may resemble a common Trap framework in its initial sequence.

For the past four releases, there remains a common denominator: gradual patterns, and eastern instruments such as flutes and sitars… Not uncommon in the Trap realm, where this specific paradigm has been employed in several ways. What impressed me is his talent for molding the idea with an “out of the box” melodic technique, which brings remarkable surprises in the productions.

Let’s decipher “Next Level”: the Trap record is escorted by some authentic facets, such as the delicate bassline and the bespoke use of exotic sounds in the drop. It blends everything together, from an Oud to a violin, flutes, and even a couple of gangsta one-shots, fabricating an interesting texture! There are so many variations that no two sections are like each other. This impacted my experience, where I got constantly bombarded by impulses and new, little surprises in the schema. Variating from more elegant progressions into pure Trap switches, in addition, turns “Next Level” particularly alive, a feature to be highlighted as we are reviewing underground EDM here.

“Next Level” is a series of sounds and sequences that become singular to create an intense atmosphere, and offers a unique listen. All originating from a very popular idea in the Trap genre! It’s amazing to see the potential of the wazecode’s flair, while meanwhile, I am curious to hear his next exotic creation!

You can listen to “Next Level” here:

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