AVELLO is Set to Become a Bass Music Star

AVELLO is an up-and-coming producer from Orlando who is poised take the electronic music world by storm, particularly in the genre of bass music. This producer has come up from producing top sets in local nightclubs in Orlando and is now making a name in venues nationwide. AVELLO has a style of music that covers all aspects of bass, which serves to electrify and intensify each person’s mood whenever he gets on stage.

Earlier this year, AVELLO had released a banging track titled “Angel” on Bassrush Records’ The Prophecy Vol. 7 compilation album, and it allows those who listen to it to feel their early 2010s nostalgia for pulse-pounding dubstep to return. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with AVELLO, the Orlando-based producer who last year achieved his dream at performing at EDC Orlando. He just released his newest track, “Out of The Dark“, earlier today as well.

Ken Ngo: The first few months of 2023 have been passing by. How are you liking this year so far in comparison to 2022 personally?

AVELLO: Everything feels bigger in 2023. The opportunities, the releases, the way people are engaging with my music. It’s a stark contrast from how 2022 began and it’s really exciting to experience. So far this year I’ve been heavily focused on experimenting with new styles and production techniques. I have so many upcoming releases stacked up for the year and early 2024. This has given me the opportunity to take some time to be creative with no pressure. I feel that I am at a pivotal moment in my sound / style, and I’m so excited to see the work that comes out of this new era.

You recently released “Angel” on Bassrush Records’ The Prophecy Vol. 7 compilation album. How would this track influence the listeners once they listen to it for the first time?

My overall goal for my music is to move towards a sound that seamlessly combines melodic and bass heavy genres into a unique, singular sound. Angel is a huge step in the right direction. I want people to feel that Angel is an advancement in my style, but also a sense of nostalgia for early 2010’s dubstep.

What was the production process behind “Angel” like?

Angel was actually produced from start to finish in two days. I went into the original session with the idea to have a big bass and a melodic element on top, contrasting each other but working as one. As soon as I laid down the bassline I knew I had a solid idea and I could envision the whole track in my mind. From this point, the creative flow was on. During this flow period I often feel like I’m just sitting back and the track is writing itself.

Any other releases you have in the works that you definitely would recommend the fans to check out soon?

I have over 12 tracks completely finished and ready to release. I plan to drop them consistently throughout the year and maybe into early 2024. The next release that I’m really excited about is “Out of the Dark”, with Invizn and skye silansky.

“Out of the Dark” is hands down the heaviest track I’ve released. It pulls inspiration from melodic dubstep and tearout, combining them into a style I’ve been referring to as “Melodic Tearout”. I feel that this project is very unique and I’m pumped to have released it. (The track is now released today).

In the next few months I plan to release collaborations with VLCN, Steller, and RENN, all of which are some of my favorite projects I’ve had the chance to work on. I’m so excited to share these with everyone.

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You recently performed at EDC Orlando, specifically at the Corona Electric Beach Stage. How was it feel to perform at an world-renowned festival such as Electric Daisy Carnival (in Orlando)?

EDC was a dream come true. I’ve been picturing my name on that lineup for the last four years. Seeing this vision come to fruition was emotional. I feel so grateful to everyone on my team and those riding with me to make it possible.

How did performing at EDC Orlando compared to performing at other festivals in the past?

EDC has been a major goal since I started this journey. Performing there felt like a huge accomplishment, outside of just performing at a major festival. I had conquered this goal that I’ve had for years. A goal that felt so impossible when I first set it. I had absolutely no idea where to start, but I knew one day I would get there. It felt so surreal to achieve this dream and I knew that younger me would be proud.

Do you have any future tour plans that you would like to announce to the fans?

Yes! I have a lot of upcoming out-of-state shows this year. I am playing in San Diego with MitiS this April, Minneapolis with Chime and Skybreak this May, and headlining Woodsfest in Kentucky in June. I also have a headline show in Louisville coming up, and later this year I’m performing at a festival up north!

Which international destinations would you like to perform on tour in the future?

I would love the opportunity to perform in Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city rich in culture. I’d love the chance to visit on tour and spend some time exploring with my friends.

In your opinion, which nightclubs and music venues in Orlando do you like the most as a performer and as an attendee?

My favorite hands down is The Vanguard. Their hospitality, production level, and staff are fantastic. It’s always a great experience working with The Vanguard, both as a performer and as an attendee. Shout out to Kortland for always taking care of us.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself having carved out my own genre, performing internationally, and helping to advance upcoming artists that are in my current position.