Bassnectar Announces First Live Show Since His “Cancelation”

About time or too soon? After almost three years, Bassnectar is back and has just announced his first event since being back. Calling this a “Bassnectar Family Reunion”, the artist is all set for the first show in Vegas in the month of September. We can expect more information on the show this week here. The DJ-artist will be performing amid an exciting lineup of fellow artists including Dead Prez, Rye Rye, 6Blocc, Dorfex Bos, UHNK, DJ Maidenspace and DJ Crazy.

This announcement follows the launch of Bassnectar’s members-only site titled “The Other Side” to create a community of Bassnectar’s fans and for them to stay up to speed with all things Bassnectar including access to exclusive unreleased content, behind-the-scenes footage, live events and so much more. Fans are excited to see all that he has in store for this year, especially after his EP that came out earlier this month “The Golden Rule: Part 1: Unlocked” which has garnered a lot of attention and success since its release.

Reaction has been mixed, as only “members” that subscribe are eligible to attend. Although, considering the situation with Bassnectar, he probably wants to keep his events limited to those willing to pay to support him.