Tomorrowland’s New Elixir Stage Was a Hint for 2024’s Theme

Here we are, Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 is already behind us, and we are already looking forward to all editions leading back to the 2024 summer one. Similar to every year, speculations and hints are in the air for what next year’s theme would be. Today we got a serious lead from Tomorrowland’s spokeswoman herself.

In a recent interview for French radio station Fun Radio, Debby Wilmsen revealed that this year’s newcomer Elixir stage holds clues for the 2024 mainstage theme.

So far we haven’t really thought about the theme but it will be something quiet new of course…If you take a look at the Elixir stage, that’s already a little teaser for next year.

Debby Wilmsen – Tomorrowland spokeswoman

Elixir was also the name of the 2016 mainstage, so maybe we will have some common elements. If you think about it, the Adscendo mainstage was a revisiting of the castle theme last explored in 2015’s Melodia stage. So it sounds like we’ll see a reinterpretation of 2016’s tree stage in 2024.

2024 will also mark the 20th anniversary of Tomorrowland (but not the 20th edition, thanks COVID) so we should expect something that lives up to the occasion. The 15th anniversary for example was marked with a special 2012 throwback theme and exclusive events. 2024 however will only be Tomorrowland’s 18th edition after the 2020 and 2021 editions did not take place due to COVID.

So, how do you like the Elixir stage, and what should be the design of the 2024 mainstage? What do you think the theme will be next year?