BEC – The Contemporary Tech-Trance Star

BEC recently released a hypnotic and energetic EP called 'Psilocybin Therapy'

BEC is a relentless techno talent who has reached the top in a truly short space of time. Pan Pot recruited her for their influential Second State label from her first release. Afterwards, Carl Cox‘s Intec and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode snapped her up. Not only has she put out her music on those labels, she has also played with them as a tour member at shows everywhere from Burning Man to Tobacco Dock and Warehouse Project.

Additionally, she has performed in solo tours within North & South America, Asia, India, and Europe. Her sets were successful at Fabrik Madrid, Watergate Berlin, and Sunwaves Romania. Additionally, BEC has just released her latest EP, Psiclocybin Therapy.

The energetic Psilocybin Therapy

The energetic EP opens with its headlining track by the same name, “Psilocybin Therapy”. It is a slickly curated peak-time cut that fuses dark soundscape undertones with a hypnotic call-and-response vocal riff. The track champions the qualities we’ve expected from the Brighton-born producer, especially with a direct kick and trance-laden synth lead. Furthermore, it serves yet another stellar addition to her ever-flourishing back-catalog. 

A fluctuating drone-style synth and airy vocal chop bolster the track’s motive to another level, resulting in blissful ear candy. For the EP’s closing chapter, Egbert steps up to re-work Psilocybin Therapy. Staying true to many of the original’s intricate sound design elements, the Dutch producer steers the cut into heavier techno waters with galvanized percussion and extended synth lines. 

BEC’s rising success in techno

Announcing her arrival on the circuit just five years ago, BEC has already proven herself to be a rich contributor to techno’s vibrant culture, courtesy of her all-too-recognizable heady and hypnotic productions. Possessing a certified knowledge for euphoric techno anthems, some of the circuit’s top-charting imprints, such as Drumcode, Second State, and Intec, to name a few, chartered BEC’s early releases. Although she remains a staple name within these prestigious channels, 2020 saw a shift in focus for the Berlin-based talent.

She began to seek out free expression in the pursuit of originality. In fact, she subsequently launched her own eponymous label earlier in the year. Having already worked with industry giants Roland and Novation on demos and product videos, BEC added Mercedes to her accolades list. Also in 2020, BEC debuted at Awakenings as well as played the beloved Piknic Electronik Melbourne. As such, she will continue as one of the genre’s most exciting talents in the next 12 months.