Yellow Claw Saves The Day in ‘BASSGOD’ Video with Ramengvrl, Sihk, and Juyen Sebulba

From creating their own merch line to hosting writing camps in Asia, and plenty more over the years, Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family has proven to be more than just music. Looking to start the year off with a brand new fiery single and music video, ‘BASSGOD' features Indonesia’s hottest rapper Ramengvrl, an enticing label prospect in Sihk, and a studio workhorse in Juyen Sebulba.

‘BASSGOD' is a perfect demonstration of how diverse the Barong Family really is and proves they have a knack for scouting talent from various corners of the world. After meeting in Thailand for various studio sessions, Yellow Claw, Juyen Sebulba, Sihk, and Ramengvrl combine their efforts to drive speakers to their limits with a mirage of skull-shattering bass.

Watch below: