Ben Gold Releases Sophomore Record, “Rest of our Lives”

Dynamic UK Trance DJ, Ben Gold, has released his hotly anticipated sophomore record, “Rest of our Lives.” Drawing inspiration for his second artist album, Ben spent a month in Ibiza in order to harness and hone in on his artistic ability, and the end result is a record which captures the full spectrum of his inimitable sound.

Track rundown

From energetic and emotional bangers to Balearic evocations, Progressive productions and even Downtempo, Trance-minded piano pieces, “Rest of Our Lives” is a remarkably diverse ten-track offering. All productions were shaped from Ben Gold’s Mediterranean sojourn, and shine through with the opening tune, “Xtravaganza.” The album’s eponymous track, “Rest of Our Lives,” is an energizing cut owing to its heartfelt vocals and harmonies. “Nostalgia” takes listeners on a melodic and melodious journey, while “Same Sky Same Stars” featuring Plumb mesmerizes with its captivating lyrics and high octane energy.

Llévame A La Playa” is perfect for warm weather with its euphonic acoustic guitar chords and summer time allure. “Liberation” is a hypnotic track boasting soothing synths and a pleasing Progressive Trance syncopation, whereas “Take Me Away” with Benjamin Duchenne whisks you to the nearest dance floor on account of its harmonic buildup and subsequent supernova of a drop. “Ultrasonic” is a euphoric blastoff into the realm of Uplifting Trance, but as a counterbalance, “Follow the King” is a chilling piece containing deeply haunting vocals and cavernous melodies. Lastly, “Searching (For a Kinder Love)” features the doting voice of Yasmin Jane and is a powerful track that’s an invigorating and vibrant end to Ben Gold’s well-rounded “Rest of our Lives” album.

The DJ with the Midas touch

Ben Gold‘s “Rest of our Lives” is out now and the record can be streamed/purchased here. Trance and Electronic music fans won’t be dissapointed in this release and here’s what Ben had to say on its conceptualization:

“The vision for the project was to write an album that was a true reflection of who I am as an artist and where I am in my life journey. As life evolved, the album evolved with it, but it always retained its melodic, uplifting and energetic identity. I hope that anyone who listens to this album will feel that, whether they are old or new fans. And I hope it inspires them as well, since that’s what personally attracts me to an artist or song.