Future Rave Music introduces another powerful banger, this time, long time collaborators of the label Enveak & L’Étrange M. Redan bring forward their latest production ‘Midnight’.

Following a previous popular release through Future Rave Music, ‘Going Down’, the DJ and producer duo are ready to unleash the party with their latest track, a hard-hitting Future Rave single perfect for the festival season on the horizon.

The label, known for its interest in showcasing the best and brand-new talent from upcoming artists worldwide, highlights the quality and talent of this French duo once more.

Enveak is a Paris based DJ and producer whose style and sound is made evident with his energetic live sets and productions filled with passion and emotion. On the other hand, Parisian DJ and producer L’Étrange M. Redan brings with him a powerful yet dark and deep style that will take over dancefloors everywhere.

‘Midnight’ is the perfect taste of a Future Rave track. A big sound, arpeggiated and staggering synths, with a heavy drop guided by growling sonic elements. 

The progression of sounds and chords, featured by saw synth leads keep the energy up and the intensity of the track all through the song; all of this backed up by a mighty sub bass. With female vocals in the spotlight, the big main stage sound this track provides is ready to become an instant favorite and hit just as hard whether inside headphones or at the club. The synths get filtered just before the last drop, releasing the party once more at the last moment.

Enveak and L’Étrange M. Redan show once more that their skills and talent are worthy of attention and consideration, as they prove with every release that their names are surely ones to follow.

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Future Rave Music continues to showcase the best upcoming talent and amaze its followers with high-quality and potent music.

‘Midnight’ is out now and available in major online stores and streaming platforms.


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