Black Tiger Sex Machine Drops 10 Track ‘Portals’ Album After Monumental Tour Run

Black Tiger Sex Machine – the name alone is enough to ignite intrigue and anticipation in the world of electronic dance music. With over a decade of immersive storytelling, genre-blurring music, and unwavering commitment to their fans, this Canadian trio have become a staple in bass music. In 2023, they’ve embarked on their biggest journey of creative success that has left music fans worldwide captivated, and that was through their conceptual experience, PORTALS. This audiovisual spectacle has toured all over this year selling out every show, and now the PORTALS album is finally out today.

Born from years of dedication and world-building, PORTALS offers a one-of-a-kind live experience that weaves together Black Tiger Sex Machine’s post-apocalyptic universe with compelling stories and characters. Central to this experience is the innovative use of motion capture visuals. These state-of-the-art graphics and animations are no ordinary accompaniment to the music; they’re an integral part of the narrative. At the heart of PORTALS is the enigmatic star character, Naomi, who guides the audience through an enthralling multi-versal journey. Drawing inspiration from classic animated series and video games, the adventure through this multiverse is augmented by extraordinary stage production, elevating the PORTALS experience to unprecedented heights in the realm of dance music. To say that it was successful would be an understatement – every show, including stops at illustrious venues like The Armory, San Jose’s Civic Center, and the iconic Brooklyn Mirage, saw sold-out crowds. The tour collectively drew over 50,000 fervent fans who eagerly embraced Black Tiger Sex Machine’s audacious vision. But the culmination of this triumphant tour was perhaps the most extraordinary – a sold-out performance at the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This occasion saw the trio – Marc, Julien, and Patrick – reunited on the stage. The atmosphere was electric, and cemented everyone there that night as an essential part of the PORTALS story.

Of course going along with the PORTALS visuals and production is BTSM’s mindbending, genre blurring music. The PORTALS album consists of 10 tracks that are blistering with eclectic basslines, soulful vocals, and intricate sound design. Check out the whole album below and enjoy!