The Punk-Trap-Frenchcore New Life of Taxi B: A Glance at “Blackout” with Hardstyle Creator Rooler

• A Unique Fusion of Italian Trap and Rawstyle
• Lots of stuff going on in less than two minutes
Taxi B screams, a lot

I’m thrilled to finally discuss Taxi B‘s music here at EDM Reviewer. What a magical moment. The Italian trap artist has ventured into a unique Trap/Phonk/Punk style, and “Blackout” brings together our hardstyle maestro, Rooler, with Taxi’s producer Greg Willen in the control room. The duo also collaborates on “Popstar” in the same album, blending Trap and Frenchcore elements. However, I’ve chosen to dive into the more creative of the two tracks – “Blackout.” It was a challenging choice, to say the least.

This marks a unique moment because I discovered Taxi B due to his controversial reputation in the Italian Trap scene. It’s not something I would typically review on an EDM blog. However, his recent album “Zolfo” includes not only impressive Punk experiments but also elements of Phonk and EDM. “Blackout” is by far my favorite among these genre-blending tracks. It’s something I’ve never quite heard before.

For those in the Hardstyle scene, Rooler is a fresh name, thanks to hit tracks like “TOO COLD,DOWN DOWN” and my personal favorite, “NO ONE IS LIKE US“, featuring Sefa, Sickmode, and Levenkhan – an impressive quartet. This is an extravagant fusion of Frenchcore and hip-hop, a formula brimming with potential, as we’ll see.

A word of caution: Taxi B screams. A lot. That’s his unique selling point. This vocal style meshes seamlessly with the Punk Rock introduction in “Blackout,” before transitioning abruptly into Rooler’s Rawstyle. Admittedly, the lyrics aren’t the most profound, but they tend to get lost amid the ensemble of sound.

The result is a mesmerizing atmosphere where one, particularly if you don’t speak Italian, is inundated by a barrage of screams, thunderous basslines, and raging rock guitars. That’s what makes “Blackout” fun. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this controversial yet ingenious piece. It’s bound to leave you exhilarated.

You can listen to “Blackout” here: