Blaikz & maloww. – Follow You (feat. David Emde)

• Excellent work on the atmosphere creation
• Mellow drops with dynamic percussions
• Great sinergy with David Emde’s vocal

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the captivating Deep House creation from some unexpected names! Blaikz, a German artist known for his solid releases on various independent labels, joins forces with the French talent maloww., who specializes in the soothing sounds of Deep House, to deliver “Follow You.” With a touch of Future Rave’s assertive energy in the main lead, this track combines elegance and emotion, leaving a lasting impression from the very first listen.

“Follow You” has been meticulously crafted to be the soundtrack for those late-night drives, when the moonlight casts its enchanting spell and a serene atmosphere fills the car. The vocals by David Emde contribute significantly to the overall experience, adding depth and impact to the build-up and drop.

While “Follow You” adheres to the schematics of Deep House, it surprises with its infusion of unusual energy in the lead, reminiscent of the compositions found in Future Rave. The seamless integration of David Emde’s voice, especially in the build-up sections, feels natural and enhances the overall sonic journey. Although I am not typically drawn to mellow drops, the one in “Follow You” managed to captivate me, setting the right mood with its vibrant percussions and energetic performance.

The collaboration between Blaikz, David Emde, and maloww. demonstrates great potential. Together, they have crafted an elegant tune with a dynamic essence, carefully selecting and combining components to create a hypnotic outcome. “Follow You” effortlessly induces a state of relaxation, making it the perfect accompaniment for a nighttime drive. This experiment undoubtedly receives my approval, as it successfully merges different influences into a cohesive and enjoyable musical experience.

I can confidently say that “Follow You” is a delightful addition to the Deep House genre, proving that unexpected collaborations can yield remarkable results. It showcases the artists’ ability to create a compelling atmosphere, leaving listeners in a state of tranquility and longing for more. So, buckle up and let this enchanting tune accompany you on your nocturnal journeys.

You can listen to “Follow You” here: