72%Overall Score

• Trance Techno Experiment
• Well done homage to the original
• Slightly linear, but modernized

Released a while earlier, I found this quite recently and couldn’t contain the excitement for reviewing it. “ResuRection” is one of those classics which I have listened to over the years, not having remembered its title or creators. The Russian trio Planet Perfecto Knights released it back in 1998, soon evolving into a Trance anthem due to its hypnotic aura and memorable hook. Most might be familiar with the central breakdown, which influenced later mashups and remixes from the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Maurice West.

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R3SPAWN, known for his specialty with his Big Room releases (especially on Revealed, such as “Alarm”) and top-notch synergies with aliases like DV&LM and Timmy Trumpet, decided to take this classic for a peak-time Techno spin.

What comes out is the classic melody hooked with a thriving vibe and boisterous bassline in the background. I loved how much space has been reserved for the melodic riff compared to the original, which happens to be the true point of strength for “ResuRection”. On top of that, the final drop brings out the signature R3SPAWN vibes, highlighting the fact that it’s a creative endeavor.

There’s a certain lack of unique twist on the lead or the melody, which is kept consistently the same with exception of the bassline has been altered heavily. Not that I dislike the current setup, it’s my usual expectation from R3SPAWN to include interesting experiments, especially on a classic, which felt a tad linear by the end of its playback.

Still, this rendition is surely a revised modern version meant for the clubs and will resonate well with both old-school listeners and new fans alike. Techno blends well with Trance, and this rework confirms that.

You can listen to “RESURECTION” here: