Breathe Carolina & Arkins – Safe & Sound

Breathe Carolina & Arkins - Safe & Sound

78%Overall Score

• Mix of liked genres
• Twists in the drop
• Small but considerable variations

Breathe Carolina has dived into Bass House lately, as several releases such as “WIFI” or “Sick” came out on Spinnin’. I found them a bit conventional, lacking that spark of creativity that usually gets me to review something. Things are changing though. “Safe and Sound”, released on Dharma Worldwide features Arkins and a decent amount of interesting aspects.

Commencing with a warm vocal and a typical MEDUZA-style Brazilian Bass breakdown, I was already feeling mundane about this (and it happened the same in KSHMR’s Heartbeat) but then Breathe Carolina evened the score with a great twist in the drop! An energetic bassline is paired with a whistling lead (not unusual to hear on STMPD-influenced tracks), with smooth dynamics and effective hook. I was immediately drawn into the melody, and in a few bars, the drop was on repeat for me!

Containing a more Progressive House theme in the second break, the wobbling bassline and vocals are playing again, just in time for the conclusion! The structure of the finale is more or less analogous to the first drop, with the exception of a few notes changed in the first bar and variating the percussions for energizing the drum groove.

Playing without too many risks, “Safe & Sound” sticks with genre elements from Brazilian Bass, House, and Progressive and yet manages to effuse enough dopamine and good vibes as one would expect from the artists and the label!

You can listen to “Safe & Sound” here: