Burning Man Asks For Donations To Ensure 2021 Return

Unfortunately, Burning Man will not be returning to Black Rock City this year. Since they canceled the event, the organizers have cut expenses and staff. They are struggling to fund Burning Man 2021 and are asking for donations. 

Consider Donating to Burning Man

If you would like to consider donating to Burning Man, you can head on over to to the website. There you will find several different donation options. You can donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $475, $1000, or enter a custom amount of your choice. The organizers of the Burning Man Project are encouraging festival-goers to donate $475, which is the price of a ticket to Black Rock City. If you can’t scrape that together, any donation amount is welcome.

They posted the following note to their fans on the website. “With your support, we will continue to offer opportunities to share your creativity and passions and, above all else, stay connected with others in these challenging times. Kindling is your portal to experience convenings that provide rich live, online content. We will continue our commitment to Burners Without Borders, whose work is more critical today than ever before, Fly Ranch, and the 2019 Sustainability Roadmap — essential to reducing our reliance on fossil fuel use at BRC. We are depending on the extraordinary generosity of our community to ensure the future of Burning Man. Please give what you can, and share this appeal with your network. Your gift of any size will make a difference.”

Burning Man Asks For Donations
Photo Credit: Mark Hammon
The Focus of Burning Man 

Burning Man focuses on the values of art, self-expression, creativity, and coming together as a community. For some, this culture is a way of life. Black Rock City is a place that is built to help festival-goers overcome barriers that may be preventing them from being their true selves. It gives the opportunity to be free of the constraints that hold them back daily and welcomes people from all walks of life.