Buunshin’s “not everything is your fault”: an exploration of the experimental and enigmatic side of DnB

Enjoying a meteoric and influential rise within the DnB scene in a relatively short stretch, Bunshin knows no bounds with his artistic and out-of-the-box take on the genre. Steadily designing a new creative project over the last few months, the project was revealed to be his latest EP: “not everything is your fault“, released on the renowned UKF.

The 7-track EP contains some of the most forward-thinking and original ideas- as well being thematically and narrative- cutting-edge excerpts of DnB this year has to offer. Let’s delve into the three tracks that caught the most attention!

not everything is your fault

The titular track undoubtedly deserves scrutiny; perhaps the most alternative and sonically left-field approach within the EP. The track starts calmly and unperturbed, slowly developing its ambiance with subtle yet prominent melodies. The near-ambient, downtempo-like disposition lasts for nearly 2 mins, transitioning to the build-up and subsequent drop. It feels like a satisfactory liberation, all pent-up emotions vented in those 2 minutes. Using prolonged and sustained chord progressions, the track propels with noticeable key changes. They seem complex yet simple, augmenting the beauty of the track and bringing merit to the craft and expertise.

“not everything is your fault” manages to capture the enigmatic essence of the EP, with an exceptional and lengthy intro, remarkable atmosphere-building, and a placid environment that soaks and immerses the listeners.

i think i feel…

Brilliantly succeeding in applying off-key and unconventional melodies to express itself, “i think i feel…” has a sense of longing throughout. The extensive runtime is adeptly utilized with sonic atmosphere; a common point of focus in the EP. Once again, it has a composed and poised beginning. Unlike the previous installment, however, this record familiarizes with the main lead: an off-key, jingle-like melody having a reflective quality. Making the listener feel certain is the definite highlight here. The above-mentioned melody is supplemented by another with a descending tone; together they make up the core of the drop. Sounding hollow yet paradoxically melodic, Buunshin’s virtuosity shines here.

It is remarkably nostalgic and melancholic, as the outro (just like the intro) only incorporates the melodies; completely hazy and devoid of any additional details.

To me, “i think i feel…” is the most substantial and distinguished track of the EP, firmly encapsulating the ideas and sensations in the compilation.

i just 1 2

“i just 1 2” is a shorter extract from the EP, clocking at around two minutes. It doesn’t come up short, however, with impressive sound design. A superb take on the UK Dubstep sound distilled in DnB form, the main feature is the striking wobble bass (or wub) in the drop paired with groovy breakbeat. It’s heavier— also managing to enclose emotional and melodic facets— encompassing softer jingles in between and during the drop’s latter half. The vocal sample may sound repetitive at times, but it manages to complement the club-oriented soundset here.

Overall, “i just 1 2” exhibits a change of pace and style, while neatly keeping the core fundamentals of the project intact: innovation and self-expression.

“not everything is your fault” channels into the emotive and introspective side of DnB, including nifty slices of profound and sincere electronic music to reflect upon. The titles demonstrate a “stream of consciousness” type of energy— a sort of technique of displaying the translation of one’s thoughts into art. Personally, I am excited to see more of Buunshin’s journey and his outstanding approach!

Written by Yasif