Young again! Tom DuPree blurs genres with “When We Were Young”

Young again! Tom DuPree blurs genres with “When We Were Young”

78%Overall Score

• Alt-rock sounds
• Downtempo synthwave drops
• Great vocals

Delightfully wistful and engaging nostalgia, “When We Were Young” taps into that 2000s sound effortlessly. Its creator, Tom DuPree III has crafted a first-rate production, contained within his experimental project “Dark.Light.”

Creative in the truest sense, Tom DuPree III cut his teeth in the musical scene by playing as a drummer; having involved himself in several bands and as a full-time solo music artist. Having vast experience in performance and composition, the American moniker also actively works on an up-and-coming YouTube channel having thousands of viewers, with various helpful guides on music marketing centered towards independent musicians, such as music distribution and promotional tips.

Although as a musician first, Tom excels in putting together tracks that share common themes of adventure and exploration. “Dark. Light.” focuses on an aspect of duality, where songs like “Hero” have vibrant melodies and pulsating cadence, and are balanced out by darker, more mellow tracks such as “To The Wolves.” A work of a versatile producer, the album varies in genres— ranging from atmospheric future bass to pulsating synthwave— all creatively merging indie/alt-rock with radiant electronica.

“When We Were Young” instantly emerges with a bittersweet and dreamy sound, sharing parallels with classic hits like “Firefly” by Owl City. There’s a naïveté undertone that justifies the title— of being young and infinitely curious— as the uplifting vocals paint a motivating picture of boundless imagination. Later, a downtempo beat comes in with softer, delicate lead synths and an 80s pop-inspired beat with snares and accentuated toms. A swelling harmony of all the instruments offers a unique yet heartfelt experience, owing to the emotional songwriting.

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