Cammora and Gregorio Team Up For an Energetic New Production Titled ‘Peace’ Featuring Artist Lazarusman

Cammora announces the release of ‘Peace’: a powerful collaboration with Gregorio, featuring Artist Lazarusman, this new Melodic House track comes as part of Sirup Music’s compilation album, ‘Sirup Records Essentials’ and is being released alongside a hard-hitting mashup of ‘It’s Not Right (Peace Mashup)’ by Cammora and Gregoria and Emanuele Esposito and Gianni Romano. As he strikes back with yet another stellar production, Cammora brings attention to his impressive production talents once again; a release hypnotic in vibes, fans of Electronic Music are sure to enjoy this captivating new production and will no doubt be drawn in by its thumping beats and mesmerising synth hooks.  

Driven by his passion for Electronic Music and determination to stand out, Cammora continues to emerge as a unique force on the scene; carving out a distinct sonic identity, original in character and electrifying in energy, Cammora’s reputation as a must-watch talent within the genre continues to be established. With a sound that marries elements from a range of genres, from Indie to House, Cammora showcases an innate ability to create thrilling sonic journeys, inviting listeners into his vibrant world of creativity with each new release. 

For this track, Cammora and Gregorio come together to present a production hard-hitting in energy, combining both of their signature styles into a high-quality soundscape unique in its sonic character. Featuring intricately layered rhythmic elements, a dynamic low end, and compelling synth lines that drive the track forward, ‘Peace’ delivers an enthralling listening experience that no doubt highlights Cammora’s expansive production skillset. The spoken vocal line, delivered by Lazarusman, sets this release apart from others both within Cammora’s catalogue and within the realm of Electronic Music; a slam poet, whose previous work includes collaborations with Soul Clap and Cosmic Cowboys, Lazarusman injects ‘Peace’ with a distinct powerful sound, authoritative in his delivery, Lazarusman’s vocal guides the sonic journey, taking listeners on an exciting adventure through pulsing details, gritty melodic lines, and bold sonic hits.   

A production that ties in elements from both Melodic House and Techno, ‘Peace’ is sure to leave an impression, marking an exciting addition to Cammora’s collection of releases and cementing him as a talent not to be missed. So, make sure to follow Cammora across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases and projects. ‘Peace’ is out now via Sirup Music and is available to stream and download across streaming platforms. 

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