Coles supermarket to be converted into artist studios

In a surprising twist, a Coles in Perth is being turned into an artists studios with even more grand plans for the space over the coming months.

The ‘dark supermarket’ in Coburg was being extensively used during Covid-19 for online deliveries but with two stores within 100m of each other, the landowner Moreland City Council and supermarket chain agreed to hand it over to a not-for-profit.

The not-for-profit Schoolhouse Studios has begun converting the space into artist studios which will also feature event spaces, a gallery, co-working areas, a communal kitchen and a cafe. There are also plans to look at turning the loading deck into a potential gig and party space.

“We do feel lucky, I think it’s quite rare in Australia for this to happen because it’s prime real estate,” said Schoolhouse Studios director Hollie Fifer.

“It’s a surreal feeling because we didn’t think we’d be able to have a space this big right in the middle of Coburg.”

While the idea of a national supermarket chain and the arts collaborating might seem like a strange one (and it is) it’s great that councils are seeing the benefits of the arts and it’s positive social effects!

Source: The Age