Cristian Marchi Injects His Own Style Into The Classic ….


Renowned DJ and producer Cristian Marchi is back with a punch, dropping his latest remix of Lucio Battisti’s classic hit, “Con Il Nastro Rosa” (With the Pink Ribbon). With his signature energetic style, Marchi, alongside collaborators Luis Rodriguez and Paolo Sandrini, and featuring the vocals of Massimiliano Ferriani, brings a fresh vibe to this timeless track.

This release comes at things from a bit of a different angle, showcasing his knack for breathing new life into beloved tunes while staying true to their roots. His rendition of “Con Il Nastro Rosa” is clearly going over well all things considered, showing yet again Marchi’s ability to make music people want to hear.

Hailing from Italy, Marchi’s journey in music began in the late 1990s, and since then, he’s garnered global acclaim for his catchy beats and infectious remixes, including the memorable “Dj Gollum – All The Things She Said.” Beyond his musical talents, Marchi’s commitment to nurturing emerging artists highlights his dedication to the industry’s growth.

With his latest release, Marchi proves once again why he’s a name to watch, not just in music but also across fashion, food, and automotive spheres. So, get ready to groove to the irresistible sounds of Cristian Marchi’s “Con Il Nastro Rosa” remix and experience the moment for yourself.