David Guetta Drops Hit Remix of ‘Live Without Love’

Back in April, chart-topping producers, Australian-New Zealander house duo SHOUSE and French EDM icon David Guetta, released a collaborative jam, ‘Live Without Love’, that hypnotized dance music fans worldwide. Fast-forward to June, SHOUSE and David Guetta’s ‘Live Without Love’ are now having their own equally-awesome remixes being produced by world-class artists. The track’s remixes come into fray each week in June and it started off with Klingande’s profound yet lively remix.

On June 16, ‘Live Without You’ continues with a unique remix from David Guetta himself, the co-star of the original banger alongside SHOUSE. The David Guetta Remix twists the original hook into a post-future rave anthem that can scale to the biggest arena or darkest warehouse. Furthermore, this remix from Guetta marks a creative transition for the multidimensional artist who is always open to having diverse beats blend in vibrantly with his innovative music.

SHOUSE Live Without Love Remix
Photo Credit: SHOUSE

‘Live Without Love’ represents another fantastic alliance between SHOUSE and David Guetta

The last time SHOUSE and David Guetta teamed up, they brought out a dance-floor anthem in the form of ‘Love Tonight (David Guetta Remix)’. In fact, to this day, the track continues to be a mainstay in DJ sets & radio around the world. As of this writing, Guetta’s remix of ‘Love Tonight’ has over 335 million streams on Spotify.

Currently, SHOUSE and David Guetta will surely be optimistic when they see that ‘Live Without Love’ will potentially become another Summer dance smash, especially since it also features SHOUSE’s unique Melbourne-based choir. Just like the original joint hit single, the remixes of ‘Live Without Love‘ celebrate grand vocals and joyful, uplifting moments from a group of world-class artists who have outstanding reputations of producing top bangers that reach various music venues on all corners of the globe. Stream David Guetta’s remix of his and SHOUSE’s joint hit single, ‘Live Without Love’, now on Spotify or click the “Play” button on the embedded link above.

David Guetta Live Without Love Remix
Photo Credit: Dan Reid

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Hell Beach, a division of Onelove Recordings Australia Pty Ltd