Dimatik x Firelite – Live For The Night

• Explosive Hardstyle drop
• Orchestral section with elegant chords
• Lots of space for both different styles

The Australian creator Dimatik is in great shape for this 2022, with interesting collaborations with Restricted, Und3rsound and Dr Phunk. As I declared several times, I love his ingenious mix of Hardstyle, Psy-Trance and Bounce, often with the addition of some Hard Trap just to make more noise.

It’s time to reintroduce him to our readers, because “Live For The Night” truly deserves a mention in the blog! Teaming up with Firelite, another Australian veteran that I discovered thanks a superlative bootleg of ILLENIUM’s ‘Story Of My Life’, the pair has created a fantastic Hardstyle craft. As I read in the PR, they have met for a back-to-back set on March 5th, then decided to create something together since their energetic styles have a lot of synergy.

That’s certainly true: I can feel that in “Live For The Night”. Firelite introduces himself with a brutal kick that immediately smashes in after the expected orchestral + motivational speech buildup à la Dimatik. Both creators showed their best version of themselves; I felt amazed by the elegance of the buildup, then impressed by the Hardstyle lead, kick and bassline. Usual formula, with initial anti-climax, and more melodic structure in the second part… Joking, because there’s a surprising third drop switch with Dimatik’s Hard-Psy! I was expecting the usual clichès, this idea almost made me jump out of my chair!

Dimatik is quickly becoming my favorite ‘non-traditional’ Hardstyle artist, together with LNY TNZ and AXMO: I guess I love their mixes of different genres, often used in unpredictable formulas. Firelite is another great name to write down, I hope he will get even more recognition, since is music is very entertaining and energetic!
Concluding, “Live For The Night” is a solid collaboration with all the right elements for entertaing the average Hardstyle lover, with some minor detail that may intrigue even the ones that are less familiar with the genre.

You can listen to “Live For the Night” here:

Dimatik · Dimatik & Firelite – Live For The Night