XVW x HÄWK – Tequila

XVW x HÄWK - Tequila

86%Overall Score

• Tech house design with trumpets
• A vocal presence that blends well
• Distinct from usual Heartfeldt releases

While I don’t listen much to pop-leaning Future House/Bass produced by Sam Feldt, typical releases from Heartfeld records haven’t garnered my attention, until today, thanks to “Tequila”.

Produced by the German artist XVW and the Italian alias HÄWK (a familiar name having several Spinnin’ releases), their releases follow a strategy that I like to call.. the Italian “Strump” formula.

Way back in 2012, the Italian producer Frederico Scavo released ‘Strump’, which achieved quite the fame (especially in Europe) for its lethal combination that contained a trumpet solo and a repetitive, tech-y bassline. Nothing else, just these instruments doing their thing.

I often hear similar ideas buzzing around since it can become an appealing formula, especially when the summer is around the corner. “Tequila” reworks these vibes but with a whole new sound design: the trumpet is here, accompanied by a set of powerful components, adding vigor. It’s Tech House somehow, yet with plenty of energy thanks to the happy and upbeat melodic presentation, the hard-hitting bassline, and the vocal.

So, about the vocal: I usually find it annoying when there are random vocal shots placed here and there, although, in this scenario, it worked well as it blends with the background.

“Tequila” is a fun and refreshingly bright idea that will suit the summer mood: an unexpected release from Heartfeldt!

You can listen to “Tequila” here:

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