Weekly Roundup XXXIV (with reputed figures such as Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Calvin Harris)

Seems like artists are taking full advantage of the warmer days: plenty of new music has arrived just in time from reputed figures such as Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Calvin Harris, and so on.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Young Thug – Potion

After a year off from his main alias, Calvin Harris resurfaced by posting several teasers for the sequel to his well-received compilation “Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1”, with the first single from it dropping this weekend. Featuring “One Kiss” vocalist Dua Lipa and rapper Young Thug, “Potion” is a tripping summer release.

Staying true to the theme of funk and groove, the track radiates with seductive hooks from the British songstress, with a slower and sensual disco beat carrying the vibe in its swaying charm.

Hardwell – GODD

Religiously sticking to his comeback, “GODD” is yet another smashing record that freely amalgamates electro and driving techno sounds. Jutting and distorted synths seize the stage during the drop, as the breakdown takes a breather with spacious pads ramping up towards the aforementioned aggressive riff.

It’s more than certain by this point that the upcoming album will probably arrive with more explosives than we pre-determined.

Armin van Buuren, Wrabel – Feel Again

Feel Again” approaches the melodic techno/house route which Armin has become devoted in the past months. Esteemed vocalist Wrabel leads the string-laden instrumental classily, alongside ricocheting pluck synths.

Adam Port, Alan Dixon – Forms of Love

The German mastermind Adam Port doesn’t fail from putting out evocative productions; teaming up with the demanded act Alan Dixon, “Forms of Love” is a dreamy and serene sequence.

The delicate and expressive piano notes are downright immersive, as subtle deep house schematics are further sprinkled with other organic instruments. It strides on a bittersweet yet positive soundscape, oscillating creatively between intelligent electronica and a dancefloor hit.

Olly James – The Age of Rave

Boldly going back and forth between big room and revived rave sounds, Olly James has proficiently carved out his niche to appease the festival-goers.

The Age of Rave” includes euphoric saw-synth breakdowns, rumbling basslines, and contorted synths creating mayhem and ruckus as they see fit. This is just the sort of material that Rave Culture should be signing, a step ahead of the usual stuff.

Perry Wayne – Ride or Die

Frequent readers of this series might remember Perry Wayne’s explosive “Embers”, featured some weeks back. Following that is “Ride or Die”, creating an equal amount of devastation.

Monstrous wobble synths surround the ears, assisted by nefarious snare hits and ample bassline to please the most devoted of headbangers.