Dirty Blood – 404

Dirty Blood - 404

74%Overall Score

• Not an habitueè of Hard Dance
• Lots of care with the digital theme
• Some unexpected old-school Electro House breakdowns

I know, I know, I am reviewing a lot of Tribal Trap stuff lately. It’s just that I keep discovering exciting releases, such as “404” by Dirty Blood! Trust me, this one will blow your speakers off and yet it’s actually one of the calmest releases from this Mexican producer.

The said country has brought us so many talents in the Hard Dance scene (remember Junkie Kid?), but as a newbie, the hostility in the drop left me a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, at least for me, “404” sets off with some familiar sounds: are those Dirty Dutch synths, ones similar to Nicky Romero?

Very interesting choice, as an Electro structure quickly transforms into a glitchy Hard Dance drop. There are a few IT-related samples (including a fake ‘freeze’ sound that disrupts the schema of this song just like a PC error) to spice things up, then some vigorous Hardcore sequences. Personally, it might be too much for a casual listener, but the kicks are splendidly processed. It’s a solid production overall, with creative details and thorough sound design.

Funny enough, the Electro House breakdowns in “404” amazed me a little more than the drop, which would absolutely devastate parties (especially the final one). Dirty Blood discharged an entire arsenal of weapons and while I managed to survive it, it left me with a big smile and required lots of stamina to endure this pummelling experience.

You can listen to “404” here:

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